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Accused of a Crime? You Could Lose Your Immigration Status.

Complexity of Criminal Issues in Immigration

A great deal of criminal charges and convictions can result in harsh penalties for immigrants, non-immigrants and legal permanent residents-including removal or deportation. Deportation is the involuntary removal of an individual from the country, usually returning them to their country of nationality. Deportation can have life-changing consequences, which may be worse than a criminal conviction. Because the crossover between criminal and immigration law is one of the most technical areas of U.S. law, it's important to seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney to understand the immigration consequences of crimes.


A very common issue facing many clients is being accused of a misdemeanor crime and dealing with these charges. Even the accusation of a seemingly minor misdemeanor may trigger serious immigration consequences-particularly assault and battery, marijuana possession and misdemeanor sex crimes. For non-citizens, these misdemeanor convictions under state law may result in an aggravated felony under current federal immigration law, which renders immigrants removable, or deportable.

Aggravated Felonies

An undocumented immigration who is convicted for an aggravated felony is considered removable; this conviction also carries severe consequences for aliens seeking asylum, as well as those seeking citizenship, legal permanent resident status, or those who are attempting to avoid deportation. Examples of aggravated felonies include crimes of violence with an imprisonment term of at least one year, theft or burglary offense with a minimum term of one year, murder, as well as the rape or sexual abuse of a minor.

Why You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer in Washington D.C.

Because of the potentially serious consequences, any noncitizen facing criminal charges should consult an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible and prior to agreeing to a plea agreement. Contact us today to learn about how criminal charges may affect you, and learn about your available legal options!

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