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A1 Visas

What is an A1 visa?

An A1 visa is a diplomatic visa that is issued to foreign officers who are either assigned permanent missions of diplomatic nature or even consular posts and need to enter United States for this reason. They may have work related to official activities here in the U.S.; in order to stay in our country, they are provided the A1 visa. At the Patel Law Group, our immigration lawyers can assist you if you are having trouble getting your A1 visa or if you need assistance with any other disputes that may arise.

What are the eligibility requirements for getting an A1 visa?

The following groups of people are entitled to receive an A1 visa:

  • Ambassadors, public ministers or any foreign officers who have permanent diplomatic missions
  • High level officials of foreign nation who are visiting US.
  • All representatives of foreign countries that have diplomatic ties with the United States
  • The immediate family members of those who hold the principal A1 visa

The merits of having an A1 visa include the following:

  • Cannot be tried in a United States court of law for any crime they might be suspected of committing
  • Can travel unlimited times inside and outside of United States and its territories
  • Visa processing time is generally pretty fast

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