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When you are facing problems with immigration, you need to consult an immigration lawyer that can look into the matter and sort out the issues. At the Patel Law Group, we strive to do just that. There are many different types of immigration cases that we have handled successfully and we continue to strive for excellence each and every day. We align our strategies with the best interests of our clients to achieve results.

Here is an overview of the types of cases we handle:

A Visa

There are many different types of nonimmigrant visas available, including A visas. This type of visa is designated for career diplomats. All diplomatic applicants will have to meet specific requirements under immigration law to receive this type of visa.

E Visa

To qualify for an E Visa treaty investor visas, a foreign business person must been involved in an enterprise in which they previously (or currently) invested large amounts of money into. If you have invested a large and risky amount of capital in a U.S. based enterprise, you may be eligible for the E visa.

G Visa

A G visa is given to representatives of international organizations and in some cases, their dependent family members. You must be traveling to the U.S. with the intentions of pursuing official duties for your organization to qualify.

H-1 Visa

The H-1 visa is used as a non-immigrant visa for workers who provide distinct and special abilities for a company. To qualify, an individual must prove their occupation requires highly specialized knowledge that they obtain. The employer must secure an approved Labor Condition Application to protect the employee's wages and treatment.

J Visa

For individuals intending to study, teach or work for a short time, the J visa provides a great opportunity. All visa uses are fully expected to return to their home country after they have completed their program. This builds a cultural bridge between the U.S. and other countries around the world.

L-1 Visas

If a foreign company has originated from or expanded to the U.S., qualified employees can transfer by applying for temporary non-immigrant visas. The L-1 visa allows a company to send highly skilled workers to sister, child or parent companies in the U.S.

P Visa

For athletes or entertainers who don't qualify for an O visa, a P visa allows them to compete or perform internationally. Any athletes who compete with a team (or individually) at an internationally recognized level must have a P visa. If an entertainer is an essential part of an internationally popular group, they may also be granted a P Visa.

Family-Based Visas

US citizens have the power to sponsor their relatives for the sake of getting citizenship. The sponsorship varies depending on whether the family member is a green card holder or a permanent citizen. We are experienced in handling these types of cases efficiently.

Employment-Based Visas

Approximately 140,000 visas are issued by US government to those who want to settle in US for the sake of permanent employment. They are broken down into five separate categories based on the type of work that will be done and the skill of the workers as well. We deal with cases pertaining to issues that people might face as well as the process of issuing of visa.


When an individual flees their home to escape unfair persecution or unlawful treatment, they may receive asylum from another country. People needing protection for political reasons may qualify for asylum, which is recognized by the federal government. It focuses on offering support for the individual rather than a group of refugees.


For individuals who have been in the U.S. for several years, naturalization may be a desirable option. To qualify for naturalization, you must typically be a resident for at least five years. There are several organizations and affiliations that can lead to eligibility as well.


The official legal process in which a foreign resident is removed from the U.S. is called deportation. Individuals can be deported for various reasons, including any violation of the U.S. immigration laws. The Executive Office for Immigration Review will oversee the process, ensuring the individual is removed in a timely manner.

Criminal Issues / Misdemeanors

When immigrants face charges for criminal actions or misdemeanors, it is usually a very complex situation. Criminal charges may lead to deportation or loss of visa status. Non-citizens often suffer much harsher convictions and consequences than natural born residents. Immigrants may even be barred from returning to the U.S. in the future.

Non-Immigrant Visas

There are a wide range of non-immigrant visas available for individuals seeking residency in the United States. Theses visas allow residents to travel, work or visit family for a specific amount of time. They will carry limited exceptions and are used for temporary purposes only.

Visa Adjustment

If you have a dual intent visa and you are looking to get full citizenship, we are the ones to help you out. Sometimes a visa adjustment can prevent the need of visiting a US consulate and your purpose will be served. This is exactly where our services can be of help.

Green Cards

With the help of green cards, people can settle in the United States permanently and pursue the jobs they desire. There are a lot of formalities to consider when opting for green cards. At the Patel Law Group, we are willing to help you in your quest for a green card. We can guide you through the formalities and even help you in case of disputes or if there is a denial of issuance for green cards.

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