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D.C. Immigration Attorney for G-Visa

Applying for a G Visa in Washington D.C.?

At the Patel Law Group, we have immigration attorneys who may be able to help you attain a G visa. We don't take your case lightly. We try to help each of our clients who are eligible for a G visa get the visa they need, and we will place your case above anything else.

Overview of G Visas

The classification of G nonimmigrant visas are for representatives of organizations that are international, as well as their immediate family members who are dependents. In order to qualify for a G visa, your purpose of traveling to the United States must be for official duties. You should note that according to United States visa law if you are entitled to a G visa either as a dependent or as a principal, you must receive a G visa. There are some exceptions to this rule but they are very limited.

There are several different categories of G non-immigrant visas for which you may qualify:

  • G1 Visa: In order to qualify for a G1 visa you must be a member of a permanent mission of a recognized government. You must also be going to a designated international organization.
  • G2 Visa: If you are a representative of a government recognized by the U.S. and are temporarily traveling in order to attend meetings of a designated international organization, you are eligible.
  • G3 Visa: If you are a representative of a non-recognized government or a non-member government, you are eligible for a G3 visa.
  • G4 Visa: You can qualify for a G4 visa if you are coming to the United States to start an appointment at a designated international organization, which would include the United Nations.

At the Patel Law Group, we have an immigration attorney who will be willing to work with you to try to achieve your goal of attaining a G visa.

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