The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has been receiving multiple reports from members in different areas of the country but all dealing with the same concerning issue. On the United States Department of Labor’s (DOL) website, Section K of ETA Form 9089 is completely unresponsive. What exactly does this mean and why is it such a huge problem?

DOL’s ETA Form 9089 is one of the primary documents that must be filled out for someone to secure permanent residence (PERM) through employment in the country. If Section K is “grayed out,” applicants cannot mention any of their prior work experience. The chances of them securing any sort of work visa with a blank application is slim to none, effectively barring them from entering or staying in the United States.

What is Being Done About the Glitch?

As of recent contacts between the AILA DOL Liaison Committee and DOL, the problem is under current investigation. A vague promise of fixing this crippling issue is unfortunately not going to help the thousands of immigrants looking to enter our country every year; this is especially stressful seeing the current influx of Syrian refugees.

Until the electronic forms are fixed, people in need of filing a PERM case can use traditional mail. Although, this process is nowhere near preferable, as it does take much longer and is notorious for mixing up or losing applications.

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