Attorney Chirag Patel Presents Seminar at 5th Annual NAAMBA Leadership Conference

From November 7-9 of last year, the National Association of Asian MBAs (NAAMBA) held their 5 th annual Leadership Conference & Career exposition. This conference is a valuable way for attendees to build connections with various companies throughout the U.S. and around the world. Our firm’s founder, Chirag Patel, had the privilege of delivering a presentation at the conference.

Attorney Patel’s presentation was entitled “ Navigating the U.S. Work World as an International Student” and was especially timely given the current U.S. job market. It can be difficult for international students to gain footing amidst the competitive work environment, but Attorney Patel shared valuable insight that students can apply in their search for employment.

Opening the Doors of Employment for International Students

Despite the immense skill that these international students possess, they have hurdles that U.S. students are exempt from. Most notably, immigration and visa restrictions. Attorney Patel shared how important it is for international students to determine whether their skills match what U.S. employers are looking for and to successfully combat the numerous visa restrictions.

He posed several preliminary considerations for international students, including:

  • What is your goal & plan?
  • Utilize resources like NAAMBA
  • Determine visa eligibility
  • Ask the right questions
  • Pinpoint cultural issues
  • Estimate cost & timing
  • Consider new developments

The stronger an international student’s education and credentials, the better their chances of securing U.S. employment. Prior employment experience is key and students should bolster what experience they have. Because student visas aren’t always readily available, Attorney Patel highlighted other possible visa options, such as the green card lottery, the EB-1 visa, and the H-3 trainee visa.

Attorney Patel is passionate about immigration and has been practicing in this field for 10 years. His seminar gave international students hope and encouraged them to proactively pursue their U.S. employment goals. If you are an international student hoping to secure a job in the U.S., get in touch with the team at the Patel Law Group today!

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