Possible H-1B Visa Violations by India's Top IT Services Companies Prompt US DOL Investigation

Two Indian IT services companies – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys – are under investigation from the United States Department of Labor (DOL) to determine if immigration regulations were recently violated. Specifically, a number of H-1B visa holders that work for the companies will be under scrutiny.

When Southern California Edison laid off around 500 employees and replaced them with H-1B visa holders from both Infosys and TCS, some US Senators became suspicious and called for the investigative probe. As the inquiry is in its early stages, no concrete statements have been made by the DOL but it is believed that they may be concerned that US immigration laws were violated in order to move such a large number of people through the system and so quickly.

In what is likely a direct correlation with the investigations, stocks have dropped for both corporations. Ready to respond and save its reputation, Infosys announced that they will be working closely and openly with the investigators. Additionally, they noted that the US DOL conducts random and regular audits of overseas companies, and that this probe is not to be seen as anything but business as usual.

While the story still unfolds, it is not clear whether or not any violations have actually occurred in regards to H-1B visa regulations. If you need help filing for an H-1B visa or have any questions about immigration laws that are involved with this current news story, speak with our Washington D.C. immigration attorney from The Patel Law Group today. We are always available to use our 20+ years of experience to good use and help our clients succeed in immigration law cases! Start right now by requesting a confidential case evaluation with our firm.